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Beach Boys

VOL. 1

1. Surfin' (rehearsal)
2. Surfin' Safari (Alt. Ver.)
3. Barbie (alt. take)
4. Chopsticks Boogie
5. Gonna Hustle You
6. Surfin' U.S.A. (demo)
7. Back Home (take 1)
8. Back Home (take 4)
9. The Rockin' Surfer (alt. ver)
10. Don't Worry Baby (stereo remix)
11. Karen (tv show theme)
12. Wonderful (track and BV)
13. Holidays (takes 1-3)
14. Holidays
15. Cabinessence (track and BV)
16. Our Prayer (session)
17. Child Is Father Of The Man (1st mix)
18. Child Is Father Of The Man (2nd mix)
19. Surf's Up (tracking session)
20. Surf's Up (tv show)
21. The Old Master Painter / You Are My Sunshine
22. Vegetables (alt. mix)
23. With Me Tonight
24. The Letter (final mix)
25. With A Little Help From My Friends
26. I Was Made To Love Her (extended version)
27. Bluebirds Over The Mountain (alt. mix)
28. Unknown Track (fade to "Breakaway")
29. We're Together Again (track)
30. We're Together Again (track and BV)
31. Never Learn Not To Love (single mix)
32. Seasons In The Sun

Volume 1 of this 8 CD set is the most interesting. The sound quality is pretty good overall. Many of these tracks can be found on other boots. The demo version of "Gonna Hustle You" (Brian on lead) is a find. Also of note is the (incomplete) early 60's version of "Back Home". The theme song to the 60's tv show "Karen" is fun. ALL of the SMILE material on this CD is available elsewhere, and in much better sound quality, Track #28, identified as "Unknown Track", is what sounds like a loop of the vocals to the tag of "Breakaway"... awesome regardless of how it's listed. Also here is a version of "We're Together Again" that is different from any one I've ever come across. And then there's "Seasons In The Sun" which, despite Carl's heartfelt vocal, is good for yucks!!

VOL. 2 1969-1971
1. Loop De Loop 2. Susie Cincinnati 3. San Miguel
4. H.E.L.P. Is On The Way 5. Take A Load Off Your Feet 6. Carnival (aka Over The Waves) 7. I Just Got My Pay 8. Good Time 9. Big Sur 10. Lady (aka Fallin' In Love) 11. When Girls Get Together 12. Looking At Tomorrow 13. Soulful Old Man Sunshine (alt ver) 14. Slip On Through (take 6) 15. Slip On Through (take 7). 16. Add Some Music To Your Day (vocals only) 17. Tears In The Morning (alt ver.) 18. - 19. Forever (track & Alt. Ver) 20 - 21 It's About Time 22. San Miguel 23. My Solution 24. Student Demonstration Time (alt. Mix)

Volume 2. contains mostly material from the ("Landlocked") "Sunflower" / "Surf's Up" era. The sound quality ranges from good to awful. There is not much new here for the hardcore collector. However, there are a couple of tracks worth mentioning:
session material from "Slip On Through" (tracks 14-15) and a version of "My Solution" (track 23) which is truly from another planet.

VOL. 3 1972-1976
1-2. "Carl & Passions" / "Pet Sounds" (promos) 3. Register To Vote (radio spot) 4-6 "Out In The Country" 7. "We Got Love" 8. "Sail On Sailor" (trk & acapella fade) 9. Holland (radio promo) 10. Get Off (anti drug promo) 11. "Why Do Fools Fall In Love? 12. "Jamacia Farewell 13. "Hey There Mama" 14. "Come Go With Me" 15. "Peggy Sue" 16. "Sea Cruise" 17. "Mony Mony" 18. "Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore" 19. "I'm Bugged At My Old Man" (tv special) 20. "That Same Song" (tv special) 21. "It's Over Now (1) demo 22. "I'm Begging You Please" (demo) 23. "Let's Put Our Hearts Together" (demo) 24. "They're Marching Along" (demo) 25. "Still I Dream Of It" (demo) 26. "Airplane" (demo) 27. "I'll Bet He's Nice" (demo) 28. "Love Is A Woman" (demo) 29. "Mona" (demo) 30. "It's Over Now" (2) (demo)

The "Promos" on this disc are fun to hear - once. The overall sound quality is good to fair. These outtakes canvas the period from "Carl & The Passions" thru "Adult Child". The tracks from the tv special are worth having (and of course they are in mono). The demos from "15 Big Ones" / "Adult Child" feature a raspy Brian at the piano. These demos are available elsewhere and contain Brian and Mike's banter (mainly his reactions to hearing these songs for the first time) between songs (which IMO is more interesting than the demos themselves) - too bad they were not included on this disc. However, they are available on THE BEACH BOYS "Rare Oddities" on page 2.

VOL. 4 (1976-1977)
1. Life Is For The Living 2. Hey Little Tomboy (alt. version) 3. Deep Purple 4. H.E.L.P. Is On The Way
5. It's Over Now 6. Everybody Wants To Live 7. Shortenin' Bread (ver.1) 8. Lines 9. On Broadway 10. Games Two Can Play 11. Baseball (aka It's Trying To Say 12. Still I Dream Of It. 13. We Gotta Groove 14. Brian's Back (ver.1) 15. Lazy Lizzie 16. Sherry, She Needs Me 17. My Diane 18. Honkin' Down The Highway (alt. vox ver.) 19. Marilyn Rovell 20. You've Lost That Loving Feeling. 21. Ruby Baby 22. Winds Of Change (alt. mix) 23. How's A Little Bit Of Your Sweet Lovin'? (ver.1) 24. Alone On Christmas Day 25. Go And Get That Girl 26. Santa's Got An Airplane (ver.2) 27. Bells Of Christmas (alt. ver.)

VOL. 5 (1978)
1. Almost Summer (demo) 2. Almost Summer (early mix) 3. Almost Summer (promo version) 4. Almost Summer 5. Sad, Sad Summer 6. Cruisin' 7. Gettin' Hungry 8. She's Just Out To Get You 9. How's A Little Bit of Your Sweet Lovin' 10. Santa Ana Winds 11. Santa Ana Winds (remix) 12. Song OfThe Whale 13. California Feeling 14. Calendar Girl 15. Calendar Girl (alt. mix) 16. Sumahama (waves mix) 17. Here Comes The Night (single version) 18. Here Comes The Night (inst. version)

VOL. #6 (1978-1983)
1. "Brian's Back" (edit mix) 2. "Tricia" 3. "Hey Good Lookin'" 4. "Today I Started Loving You Again" 5. "California Beach" 6. "Skatetown U.S.A. 7."Little Girl" 8. "It's A Beautiful Day" (LP Ver.) 9-10 "Goin' To The Beach" (demo/track) 11-12 "Goin' On" (tracking sessions) 13. "Be My Baby" 14. "My Solution" (ver. #1) 15. "Shortinin' Bread" (ver.2) 16. "Stevie" 17. "Runaway" (live) 18. "California Dreamin' (LP ver) 19. "Let's Party" 20. "Jingle Bell Rock" 21. "Do You Hear What I Hear?" 22. "Have Yourself A Merry Christmas" 23. "Can't Stop Talking About American Girls" 24. "Hot Summer Lovers" 25. "Let's Dance" 26. "Oh! Those Girls"

VOL. #7 (1984-1989)
1. "East Meets West" 2. "Chasin' The Sky Away" 3. "At The Hop" 4. "Back In The U.S.S.R." (live) 5. "Come Go With Me" (live) 6. "Surfer Girl" (live) 7. "Barbara Ann" (live) 8. "Happy Birthday America" 9-11 "Rock And Roll To The Rescue" 12. "Lady Liberty" 13-14 "Wipe Out" (live) 15. "Happy Endings" 16. "California Girls" (live) 17. "Don't Worry Baby" 18. "Kokomo" (spanish ver.) 19. "Little GTO" 20. "Somewhere Near Japan" (edit mix)

VOL. #8 (1990-1998)
1-3. "Problem Child" 4. "Crocodile Rock" 5-6 "Forever" 7. "Island Fever" 8. "Strange Things Happen" 9. "Remember... Walking In The Sand" 10. "Under The Boardwalk" (remix) 11-12 "Summer In Paradise" 13-14 "Fun, Fun, Fun" (short and long versions) 15. "Howdy From Maui" 16. "Kokomo 17. "Here And Now Is Forever" 18. "Life's So Strange"