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Beach Boys & Brian Wilson Related Page
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"a tribute to Brian Wilson"

Track Listing:

Intro (My Prayer)

Gonna Hustle You

Number One

I Do

She Rides With Me


Wind Chimes


I Went to Sleep
(B. Wilson-C. Wilson)

Little Children

I'll Bet He's Nice

Almost Summer

Solar System

A Day in the Life of a Tree

I Wanna Pick You Up

Everything I Need


Sweet Mountain

Saturday Morning in the City

Vegetables (Alternative Version)

She Rides With Me (track)

Spirit of Rock and Roll

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Track Listing:

1.   We All Stand Together (McCartney)  
2.   All Together Now (Lennon-McCartney)
3.   He's Got The Whole World In His Hands /
     King-Dom / This Whole World (Trad. / Wilson)
4.   Happiness (Pett-Parkes)
5.   The Little White Cat (Pett-Parkes)
6.   The Goodnight Song (Parkes)
7.   All God's Children Sleep In Peace (Parkes)

Track Listing:

1.    Run-Around-Lover - (Sharon Marie)
2.    Thinkin' 'bout You Baby - (Sharon Marie)
3.    Pamela Jean - (The Survivors)
4.    After The Game - (The Survivors)
5.    Sacramento - (Gary Usher)
6.    That's The Way I Feel" - (Gary Usher)
7.    The One You Can't Have - (The Honeys)
8.    Surfin' Down The Swanne River - (The Honeys)
9.    Summertime - (Sharon Marie)
10.    Hide Go Seek - (The Honeys)
11.    Shyin' Away - (American Spring)
12.    Fallin' For Love - (American Spring)
13.    Pray For Surf - (The Honeys)
14.    Shoot The Curl - (The Honeys)
15.    Vegetables - (The Laughing Gravy)
16.    The Revo-lution - (Rachel and The Revolvers)
17.    Number One - (Rachel and The Revolvers)
18.    She Rides With Me - (Paul Petersen)
19.    Guess I'm Dumb - (Glenn Cambell)
20.    Story Of My Life - (Sharon Marie)
21.    He's A Doll - (The Honeys)
22.    Tonight You Belong To Me - (The Honeys)
23.    Goodnight My Love - (The Honeys)

Track List:

1.    Break Away
2.    The One You Can't Have
3.    Guess I'm Dumb
4.    Good Time
5.    Dance Dance Dance
6.    Wonderful
7.    Drive In
8.    Busy Doin' Nothin'
9.    All Dressed Up For School
10.    Thinkin' 'Bout You Baby
11.    Your Summer Dream
12.    Don't Back Down
13.    Summer Needs Means New Love
14.    Had To Phone Ya
15.    Caroline No


a bonus for any real Wilson afficianado's library...I'll treasure this CD for all time...Van Dyke Parks

happily sheds much deserved light on the talent, dedication and versatility of both these Brians...Tony Asher

Gari's a great musician...I know you'll enjoy the CD as much as I did...Hal Blaine

Intelligent, well-chosen collection of songs...this CD will definitely appeal to fans who are looking for a new way to hear these old, wonderful songs and maybe make some new discoveries as

Damn fine job...Guess I'm Dumb is really outstanding...Beach Boys Fan Club(Germany)

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